Wednesday, October 28, 2009

hey there, this is my latest edit. it is of my mate tim "stingray" watson. he moved to melbourne at the start of this year but came up for the weekend so we made a park edit. was a lot of fun and tim worked his ass off for this and im pretty stoked of the final product.

tim rides for the sanction now and so dose polly! dang the team is looking good!

in other news i got a dslr on sunday and ill post a few pics evry now and then!

there is a new Gary McIvor edit is up aswel. this edit is pretty cool. gary is only and just started geting in to video! good on ya man i cant wait too seeya progress on!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


well its been a while since my last update but i have been very busy!
last weekend was big in albury, with sanctions own marnold, polly and tim watson from melboune up for a ride. clocked a LOT of hammers and had a great time on a backyard mini in wang on friday night!

also that friday cooper b stoped in to deliver the new issue of focalpointbmx mag.
amazing mag and well done cris cooper for that 6 page write up in it on local talent!
i know how hard you worked on it!
the mag is free kids so head down to ya local and snap up a copy quick smart!

the vid here is of a good mate tinbum who got his first world record! props man...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

dolly test!

got a dolly setup yesterday and this is a few clips i got yesterday, in dvd news patrick stokes from bendigo is filming as we speak for it! he is a very cool dude and cant wait to see his clips!